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The Rich Madill History

With a rich, impactful history dating back to 1911, Madill will now have a new lease on life after being acquired by DC Equipment last month. Ownership of the Madill brand, which is synonymous with cable logging across the globe—and is known to loggers across North America—has changed hands through a range of multiple ownership structures, from competing manufacturing equipment companies through to international investment groups over the last several decades.


Former Owners

Former owners Nicholson Group had owned Madill since 2011 and incorporated its equipment line-up into their current operation, including the manufacturing of their own debarker equipment range.

“On behalf of Nicholson, we are delighted to announce the sale of the Madill brand of forestry equipment manufacturing rights to DC Equipment,” said John Jennings, Director of Capital Sales for Nicholson Manufacturing.

“After a successful and fruitful relationship with our agents and distributors, we would like to express our deepest gratitude for their unwavering support over the past decade,” said John.

“Their dedication to sales, parts, and service has been instrumental in reinforcing the Madill brand’s reputation for reliability and performance in the forestry industry. We have the utmost confidence that DC Equipment and agents will continue to provide customers with outstanding products and services. We look forward to the future growth and success of the Madill brand under DC Equipment’s stewardship.”


The Why

The owner and founder of DC Equipment, Dale Ewers, who is also a logger in New Zealand, has had a connection with the Madill brand dating back 40 years. “It was a childhood dream to own a Madill tower yarder,” says Dale. “Madill is known for its durability, ability to perform and longevity, which is important in this industry—and those strong equipment features align with our current brand, Falcon.”

Dale believes adding the Madill brand and intellectual property under the DC Equipment manufacturing umbrella provides an opportunity to achieve the company’s mission of “creating a safer and more productive steep-slope logging industry throughout the world,” and also opens up additional benefits to other industries.

Dale sees this as a stepping stone to not only helping the forest industry progress but also providing customers with the solutions they need. “We’re not here to be the biggest manufacturer; we’re here to provide the best solution for our customers,” he says.


What the Future Madill Looks Like

While more will be disclosed soon, Dale was quick to mention that Madill will always be Madill: “There’s history, heritage and a heck of a lot of customer loyalty there that needs to be recognized.”

“We don’t plan to reinvent Madill products—we believe there’s tremendous heritage, and the Madill machines work exceptionally well in steep slope ground. However, we do see an opportunity to integrate some of DC Equipment’s current and future technology and innovation.”


Madill by the Numbers—an Impressive Track Record

  • Over 3,000 Madill yarders have been produced
  • The Madill brand has been in operation for over 100 years.
  • Madill currently has machines across the world, with prominent coverage in North America and New Zealand