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Our story

Help to lead the industry forward in forestry safety with our range of mechanised log handling equipment

What drives us.

We come to work each day so that your crew can get home safe each day.

Forestry work, particularly commercial logging, has a reputation for its high risk of serious injury or fatality. It is a constant challenge for logging crew operators to keep their people safe in an unsafe work environment.

This unacceptable level of risk drives us on our mission to create a safer and more productive steep slope logging industry throughout the world.

As loggers ourselves, we know about the constant pressure to meeting output targets in an increasingly competitive industry. Our team are constantly striving to create new standards in forestry equipment in our relentless pursuit of safety and productivity, so you can haul more logs and get every person in your crew home safe, every day.

Our first priority is zero harm.

Forestry safety through mechanisation

The mechanisation of key log handling equipment has provided an opportunity for revolutionising the industry's poor safety records. Each product in the Falcon Forestry Equipment range is developed specifically to remove workers from the riskiest parts of the logging process.

Our products are based around the fundamental principles of developing uncomplicated, easy to use equipment that makes extraction easier and keeps crew members out of harm's way. Give your crew the ability to fell and extract logs more efficiently and in greater volume with our mechanised equipment.


By loggers, for loggers

The FFE range of forestry equipment is produced by DC Equipment in Brightwater, New Zealand.

DC Equipment was founded in 2010 by Dale and Christine Ewers. As owners of one of New Zealand's largest independent steep slope harvesting companies, Moutere Logging, Dale and Christine witnessed first-hand the dangers of commercial logging and recognised the need for change. Driven by the desire to keep their own logging crew safe, they began developing a mechanised grapple carriage.

After an extensive design and trial process, DC Equipment began commercially producing the remote operated Falcon Claw Grapple Carriage. Over tens of thousands of operational hours, the Falcon Claw has dramatically reduced accident and serious harm rates in crews operating the equipment.

Since then the FFE range has grown and DC Equipment is now a global player in the field of log handling equipment, with our suite of forestry equipment changing the lives of logging crews all over the world.

Our mission

We are a Forestry Solutions Company operating on a global stage developing and commercialising world leading innovative technologies. Our focus is on a safe, efficient and effective solutions for the Forest Industry and the communities we serve.

Our vision

We will be a global leader in steep slope solutions with an extraordinary focus on safety, efficiency, effective and environmentally friendly technology serving our global communities.

We grow and engage our people by embracing technology; nurturing ideas; respecting each other's views; enjoying what we do; and protecting our heritage.

Our values

Zero harm


Team work




Find a distributor

You can find our range of forestry equipment from selected suppliers in New Zealand, Canada, the United States and Chile.